An Open Letter To The Soul In Need Of Healing

I hear the shattering pieces of your soul shake around your body as you speak, as you stare in silence and get carried away with your thoughts, as you smile trying to pretend it is okay to feel so broken, as you gently touch your hair and fix it in hopes of looking good to feel better.

I sense the vulnerability inside a person who has lost faith in everything there is to exist, including themselves. 

I can feel the pain inside your heart in the way you carry yourself, so harshly and heavily.

Why are you so hard on yourself?

Who or what caused you to destroy that strong image you had of you? Why did you allow someone or something to change the way you see your life? Why hasn’t anyone reminded you of the beauty of it all?

Healing comes from within, from positivity, encouragement, faith, and many other things that create strength in your mind and body. Stop regretting things in life, don’t turn back to look at the past, admire your qualities, be kind, and don’t forget where you came from. No one can control the way you live life or the way you feel about yourself; others don’t define who you are.

Don’t fear, don’t doubt, don’t worry; this weakens your faith and makes you forget that trying for yourself is the only way to become who you want to be. Try a new hobby, admire nature, listen to your favourite songs and dance around your bedroom, smile to a stranger. Do all the little things in life that could strengthen your spirit; they are right in the tip of your fingertips, in the fierceness of your eyes, the sweetness in your voice, the purpose that fuels your passion, and the light inside your soul.

Never be afraid to believe in yourself and to get rid of those who get in the way of your happiness. You are the most beautiful creation there is and the amount of self-love you can create could move mountains!

Don’t push away anyone who tries to help; sometimes you need a little backup when things go wrong not to heal you, but to remind you that you can do it! No matter how dark your days seem and how blurry your intentions are, try for a better tomorrow, try to smile through the pain and be confident about the changes that might come to you in the process. Stop asking yourself why and start creating answers, things always get better. Look for yourself when everything else feels lost and watch your soul thank you for it!

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