A Much Owed Love Letter To My Body

Dearest body,

Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself. Thank you for every mark of strength that you have left me as a reminder to keep walking on. Thank you for protecting me from injuries and infections. Thank you for giving me nervous butterflies before a date. Thank you for reminding me that I’m human through acne scars and stretch marks. Thank you for reminding me to shower when my hair may get oily.

Thank you for giving me the ability to walk, have sight, feel emotions, and speak. Thank you for every tear shed and smile that has been cast. Tonight was a night that I questioned everything about you. I hated you for a split second because I felt like you defeated me. I was told by someone that you were a flaw and it made me uneasy. At times I may not know when you are using your gifts. I realize that you are smarter than you seem. You know when you are uncomfortable around certain people. You push me away from situations that do not serve me. You reminded me that I am not the type of girl that wants to kiss strangers.

Thank you for reminding me where I came from, and presenting my Hispanic and Caribbean roots every time I see a glimpse of my reflection. Dearest body, thank you for giving me signs of health and wellness. Thank you for giving me gut feelings when things may be off. I know that you have been watching out for me when I haven’t been looking out for myself. You know deep down that I deserve love, patience, and respect. I want to thank you for the anxiety you have clothed me with. At times it feels like my worst enemy because I feel like I am suffocating within my chest. Thank you for this anxiety because it has been helping me see the world through different eyes. Thank you for this gift because it has caused me to overthink and to consider the opinion of others. Thank you for the anxiety and frustration because it has made everything feel so important and meaningful. Thank you for accepting the love that you know I deserve and need to be patient for. I promise to listen to all the signs that you tell me. Thank you for basking me in your wisdom. I promise to nourish you and show you gratitude. I appreciate you so much. You are beautiful and your imperfections have built me.

I love you.

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