I Miss Our Old Conversations

I miss our old conversations around 3 am
and the way we both stay awake for the next reply
I miss our movie marathons with popcorns and blankets
while giving spoilers to each other and chatting in the end
I miss our car trips featuring our favourite songs
that left us screaming their lyrics at the top of our lungs
I miss the way you’d gently squeeze my hand
every time you wanted to say “I love you” but couldn’t
I miss the way your lips touched my skin
left them marked, burning and glowing in the dark
I miss the way you said that you have missed me
but you never did and none of what I said was real

I miss what we never became
because you just couldn’t love me back in this game
I miss what you never said
since you were too busy talking to someone else
I miss what you never did
for your skin wanted some other girl’s against it
but most of all I miss the other me
who’d have possibly made you fall for her, head over heels

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