7 Things To Remember When You Feel Like You’re Losing Against Anxiety

Anxiety is a daily battle. Here are 7 daily reminders to help you fight your battle.

1. You are not, have never been, and will never be alone. When you live with anxiety we are so overcome by how we feel and the effect those feelings have on us, we forget there are people in the world who feel for us. We must work to remember they exist and they make space for us to share our burdens.

2. How we speak to ourselves and what we say is even more significant than what the outside world says to us. The thoughts in our minds become the things in our lives. When you are suffering from anxiety, taking the (sometimes difficult and uncomfortable) method of repeating positive affirmations to yourself is so crucial and helpful. When you feel at a loss, remind yourself that you have survived this once, twice, countless times, and you will continue to fight.

3. You are allowed to feel how you feel. You do not have to be okay right away. You do not have to feel sorry for not being okay. You can take a day and rest your mind and your soul. We should not feel ashamed of our mental health issues, we should understand that a healthy mind is equally as important as a healthy body.

4. Invest in yourself. Sometimes the battle with anxiety manifests itself in physical ways, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, extreme tiredness, moodiness, etc. To continue to not just survive your anxiety but also conquer it, remember that how you treat your mind and body will have an ultimate impact on how you feel. Self-care is not just a trend of the decade, it’s a legitimate necessity that everyone should practice.

5. Do not make yourself rush through the process of healing, instead, allow yourself to move through the steps, one by one. Just know that you will get to the last one. Know that this cloud will not be above you forever, it will move away.

6. Remind yourself that there are still good and pure things in the world. Take a deep breath. Take another. And another. Get some fresh air. Get away for a while. Go on vacation. Read a book. Pet an animal. Eat something you love. Remind yourself to enjoy life’s little joys. Remind yourself that all these little joys add up. Then when you’re feeling anxious, run through this list of little joys. It’s like your little coping toolbox.

7. The key thing about the title of this article is that you ‘feel’ like you’re losing. The truth of the matter is, you aren’t losing. Every day you make the conscious decision to get up and face another day. You did that. You make the effort. You make the choice. That’s the thing about anxiety, we cannot control that we have it, but we can control and choose how we respond to it. We can control and choose how we live our lives with it. And you, you make the choice every day to continue onward. Please, keep going.

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