Read This When You’re Feeling Bad

Life’s not simple. You don’t want it to be. You want temptation to tempt you. You want frustration to overwhelm you. You want madness, insanity, confusion. You want pain, hate, fear, anger, loneliness.

These things don’t destroy ones soul; they define it. You can’t ride a slide without first climbing a ladder. Without pain we wouldn’t having healing. Without anger we wouldn’t have compassion. Without frustration we wouldn’t have forgiveness. Don’t throw these things onto someone else’s shoulders. They are there to burden you. They are yours. Own them.

This life is going to hurt you. It’s going to punch you. It’s going to knock you down. When your lying on the mat with pain pulsing through your blood, remember what music feels like. Remember the feeling of two people falling in love. Remember that divine emotion that lifted the hair off your arms. Remember how it sent chills down your spine.

When someone else is lying down on the mat. Help them up. But don’t ever expect anyone to help you. Be humble. Karma is real. Believe in it. Believe in a lot of things. Believe in mermaids. Believe in pogo sticks, popcorn and poetry. Believe in carnivals and dragons and kaleidoscopes. Most importantly believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to fight the fight. Believe in your ability to not let that fight harden your soul. Believe in your ability enjoy the sun after the storm. The things in this world that seem to be there to hurt you are really there to make you feel alive. Feel alive. Be alive. Live. And never ever, no matter what, forget how unbelievably blessed you are to simply wake up and feel.

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