A Thank You Letter To Everyone Who Has Understood Me

I crave more.

I crave that immediate connection.

I crave people I can have fun with, without weird looks. I crave people I can be myself with, without feeling awkward. I crave people who want to go on my spontaneous adventures. I crave people who actually see who I am.

I crave that connection so intense that you would do anything to keep it strong. I crave people that know my weirdness and don’t hold it against me.

I love that feeling of familiarity.

It’s what I love the most I think…the feeling of being genuinely understood by someone else.

And I’ve been lucky enough to experience that before, and it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

So to these people, I have to say this:

I don’t understand how or why you were brought into my life.

But knowing you has changed me forever.

It has made me not want to settle for the relationships in my life where people don’t get me. It’s made me want to continuously search for the connection that feels so real.

Thank you for seeing past when I said the usual, “I’m fine”. You heard the subtle changes in my voice and kept asking me questions until I opened up to you. And you knew that it wasn’t easy for me to open up.

I grew up in a world of not opening up. So you knew to keep asking questions when I just wanted to be left alone. You asked because deep down you knew I wanted to talk about what was on my mind. I secretly wanted to open up.

And I felt so comfortable that when I opened up and exposed some things I’ve never told anyone, it wasn’t a big deal. You never laughed or judged, you just listened. Do you know how nice that is to be your most real self and it’s fine?

It’s liberating.

And you sat with me and listened to my crazy ideas. You didn’t judge them or compare them to your own ideals or beliefs about life. You just listened and actually heard me.

Somehow you knew who I was so well, that despite my own thoughts and worries, you knew what it was I really needed to hear. And you motivated me into doing things that aligned with who I was in that moment.

This is because you saw me. You truly saw who I was.

Thank you for putting in the effort to understand me and showing me a unique kind of love.

It never went unnoticed.

And I realize how fortunate I am because I feel like this connection is truly one in a million.

And I feel so lucky.

How can someone be the same after experiencing that kind of connection? Maybe we aren’t meant to be the same. And maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe that’s the whole point.

And I feel that now that I have experienced something like that, I will never be comfortable with settling for less.

So thank you.

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