Delete The Negative People From Your Life

Today make a bold move; press the delete button, without hesitation without fear, without regrets.

Delete all those people who make nasty, ironic comments about your dreams, your ability, your attitude, your life.

Delete all those people who consciously sabotage your attempts to follow your path; the people who sneer at you, who laugh at your efforts. The people who pretend to be your friends yet at the first opportunity they are the ones to trip you. Oops! They may even say while they laugh at you. No, you don’t deserve them.

Go ahead, press the delete button and delete all the people who try to push their opinion on how you should live your life; the people who give unsolicited advice, who think they are superior and judge you.

Press the delete button and delete the negative people without saying goodbye, without offering an explanation. You don’t need to. Erase these contacts, their numbers, texts, profiles. Stop following them. Unfriend them. Block them. Literally, make sure they stay out of your life. You don’t need them. You don’t deserve them. You don’t deserve all this negativity, sometimes hidden, sometimes direct.

Listen to your gut feeling. Who are these people who make you feel bad? Why give them power over you? Why let their judgments cloud your day? Why always try to explain yourself? Do you really need them? You know the answer…

What keeps you from pressing the delete button? It’s easy. Just place your finger on it and ever so lightly press it. I guarantee you that you will feel better. Immediately. You will feel as if a burden just got lifted off your shoulders.

Deleting the negative people is a liberating act. It’s a gift to yourself. You deserve better. A lot better. Start taking care of yourself. Erase the negative people from your life. Stand up for who you truly are and your values.
Connect with positive people. Do more of the stuff that makes you happy. Follow your dreams. Continue your life’s journey with a smile, with faith that you can do it, with encouragement from people who believe in you. Open the door to positive people. Open the door to positive experiences.

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