A Brief Description Of Life

Life is one big game of crap shoot, full of lovely and unpleasant surprises.

Life is learning to or coming to trust in something bigger than yourself, which leads you to accept that you can’t have all the answers. And that’s okay.

Life is gradually getting to the point where you realize that, with most things, it’s all about striking a balance. Too little or too much of anything is rarely good or healthy.

Life is changing your mind and discovering that it’s okay and surprisingly good to drop the dead weight that you’ve been carrying around, thus freeing yourself to do something radical or positively life-changing.

Life is sometimes enigmatic – not always getting closure, not knowing what step to take or choice to make. This can be the bane of your existence or liberating; it mostly depends on how you look at it.

Life is messy – excruciatingly and beautifully so.

Life is where most things make sense in retrospect; that’s how we learn the lessons.

Life is learning to accept and deal with the occasional wave of uncomfortable emotions whenever they hit.

Life is working up the courage and willpower to show up to it on the days you’d rather not.

Life is learning to tame your inner demons: looking at your insecurities and fears and knowing that they only make you human – that they don’t define you.

Life is getting your heart broken into a thousand pieces but also realizing that it’s stronger than you think. You eventually heal. You move on.

Life is what you make of it: an old (but true) cliché; it’s what you fill your days with, how you spend your time and who you spend it with. It’s all about how you find meaning and fulfillment. 

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