It’s Okay To Be Angry


Why do we view this as a negative emotion?

Why do we think it is unhealthy to experience it?

Anger can be one of the most eye opening emotions if expressed and embraced properly.

Slow it down. Think long and hard.

Experiencing anger means that you care about something enough that it has created an emotional impact on you.

We often say things make us angry.. but have you ever looked to see where the anger stemmed from?

Have you ever embraced the anger, and traced it back to its root?

There’s a saying that anger can often cloud your judgment. This is not only true, but it helps you to understand the emotion itself.

Anger is a cloud. It shelters the emotions underneath, creating the inability for you to see through the haze.

More often than not.. that anger is protecting your being from experiencing the pain or fear that is connected to it.

It is your body’s way of blocking you from experiencing the hurt that it is internally feeling. Whether the anger comes from something that you’re avoiding, something in your life that you’re unhappy with, or something that someone else has done.

Embrace the anger, feel the anger, let it consume every inch of your body.

You are a human being. Emotions are part of you.

The light at the end of the tunnel will become clear.. you will see what is making you angry.

Discover where it stems from.. and make the changes that are needed to overcome it.

What is hurting you?

What are you afraid of?

We live in a society that is overwhelmed with anxiety. But we fail to understand where anxiety comes from.

Anxiety is anger directed inward, over a circumstance that you are consciously or subconsciously avoiding.

It is okay to hurt.

It is okay to feel.

It is okay to be scared.

It is okay to be angry.

You have two choices when it comes to anger.

You can let it control you, or you can control it.

Which do you choose?

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