Closing Your 2018 Chapter

December just arrived and that means that we have less than 30 days to close the final paragraph of our 2018 chapter. It’s the time to rewind and refill and remember. It’s time to hope and make wishes come true.

Not only for you.

It’s one month. One last month. You can make this year better even if it’s too late. Say the things you didn’t, speak to the person you haven’t in a while, speak up, express yourself, hug your friends, kiss your parents, give a chance to the book you stopped reading, spend time with yourself, watch that movie you wanted to so much but didn’t have the time to, dance around your room, sleep away, sing your favorite song out loud and don’t apologize to your neighbors, buy that shirt you wanted to, walk around the town, enjoy the Christmas spirit, start a 2019 journal, remember, forget, forgive, bring those memories back to life, smile to those who hate you, have coffee with your friends, don’t study for a while, play with your siblings, spend time with your family, volunteer, kiss the people you love goodnight, spread the love you think you don’t deserve.

Spend this month with the people that fulfill you. Live in the moment because you’re young, wild and free. Cause the years will go by and you’ll start regretting not doing the things you should’ve done a long time ago.

“As long as you’re still breathing, there is still much more to come.” 

Morgan Harper Nichols

Give a final chance to you. Follow your heart. Prove them wrong. Turn the world upside down. Show them you can do it. You can rewind your clock before 2019 strikes and you can make this year, even during its last day, a really beautiful one.

Until the clock stops

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