Don’t Let Society Make You Feel Like Your Body Isn’t Acceptable

I don’t know about you, but I am frankly fed up with scrolling Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media feeds and seeing the same body type. It goes without saying that I am by no means one to discriminate any body. I just strongly believe each type should be fairly represented and celebrated for our mental well-being.

As a curvy woman myself, I’ve struggled to accept the same repetitive representation that fills my daily feed. It almost makes me feel as though my body shape and size aren’t right. As though they aren’t deemed “likeable” or acceptable in society.

All bodies, whether on the larger or smaller scale, tall or short, SHOULD be celebrated and embraced. Self-love is hard enough, let alone when you throw in a social media platform that fails to represent the hundreds of body shapes and sizes out there.

I find that a lot of us chase this “perfect,” “flawless” figure that can only be seen through the filters of Instagram. Cellulite is normal. Stretch marks are normal. Thighs that jiggle when you walk are normal. Tummy rolls are normal. Spots are normal.

Nobody is perfect, and no body is perfect. You are you, and that is and will ALWAYS be more than enough. And if you find your body isn’t represented fairly, choose to represent it as best you can yourself. Embrace the beauty of it. Embrace the flaws of it. Embrace what makes it different. Celebrate and love it, because it’s your body and it deserves some love and care—especially from its keeper.

Make changes to your social media. Unfollow any tags or accounts that make you feel insecure about yourself or your body. Follow accounts and tags that enable you to embrace your body, whether you’re curvy, plus-size, petite. Follow accounts that are going to make you feel good! Don’t let your social media be toxic.

The number on the label of your clothes does not and will never determine your worth. Whether you wish it was lower or higher. I can assure you anybody who chooses to judge a person solely by their appearance has a shallow mentality.

Society may make you feel as though your body isn’t acceptable. Please don’t ever take any notice.

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