Luminous Beings Are We

the moment your gaze first met mine

i saw constellations in your eyes


a gathering of wistful promises

of innocence and of ember

waiting to be forged into a mind of steel

a maelstrom of thought turned to action

every passion spun into an art

words of tenderness dancing off your lips

words of fire burning the tip of your tongue

a beautiful paradox

for i had never known patience to be so eager

for fragility to be so powerful

for someone’s creation to be so deliberate

so obviously a gift to this universe

a gift that somehow landed with me

to make me believe in fate and love

and all the things i hardly used to mention

to have been assembled from destruction

and yet be your own salvation

your glow is not dimming

it is only growing brighter

like the awakening of spring

and the sunshine in winter

bringing warmth even to the snow



a courage they would cower to

war and peace intertwined

chaos and order

divinity and morality

a divine concoction of heart and soul

unpredictability all but near spilling out of you

threatening to pool at their feet

rising and rising

transcending the confines of their expectations

they may have scoffed and scowled

told you that you could never possibly bear it

the weight on your shoulders

that it would come crashing down on you

the road you were treading

that it would lead you back to sorrow

you may have believed them

you may have lost hope

or love or trust

but you did not lose yourself

you never lost yourself

you are celestial forevermore

because after all this time

after all the heavy lifting

after all the treading

after all the wondering if you would make it

i can still see the constellations in your eyes

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