It All Starts With You

It all starts once you take a big step forward. Never dare to look back, because you cannot turn back the time that has already been given.

It all starts once you give yourself a chance to move on.

Because there is nothing we can do for the things that cannot be changed. The only thing we can do is accept them and move on.

It all starts once you take a risk.

Life is already full of routine, mundanity, and boredom. Thrill always comes with danger. Be sure you are prepared to take those risks.

It all starts once you break the chains binding you for your whole life.

Pressure from peers, loved ones, and society’s expectations is hard to deal with. Agony and fear associated with those could be hard to take off. No matter how difficult it might be, break it off one by one.

It all starts once you learn how to love.

The love you have for the work you do, the people around you, and yourself will be a source of energy. They give so much meaning to our lives that are filled with vanity.

It all starts with you.

Do not wait for things to come.

Go get it.

Whenever things don’t go well according to our plan, it is much easier for us to blame someone or something else rather than reflecting deeply on the things that are actually happening. It is easier for us to be controlled by the emotions we have rather than to contemplate the reasons behind those feelings.

Whenever you feel so overwhelmed, or whenever anger starts to dominate you, sit back and take your time to think — why you are feeling this way, what made you feel this way, and if there was something wrong with what you did, rather than thinking about them being wrong.

At the end of the day, we should learn how to look back. Track down all the memories and histories and you will finally realize that everything that has happened is supposed to happen for you to grow.

When nothing seems to work out, take the other way around.

It all starts with you.

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