To The Girl With A Turbulent Hearth

I have always believed that we are the sum of all that happens to us, a mosaic of a person put together by all the people we meet, the experiences we acquire, and every single decision that we choose, leading us from one thing to another.

And for some reason, the universe unfolded for you in certain ways that led you here, wherever your ‘here’ might be. And with time passing by so quickly and everything that’s been going on, I know it can be challenging to keep up at times. There are moments when everything feels like a blur and you go through each day in a whirlwind of thoughts, worries, and emotions.

In moments like this, I want you to remember that you are doing well; you are doing the best you can to survive. Some things may not turn out the way you imagine them to be, but believe that better things are taking shape for you. These past years, months, weeks, or days could not have been easy, and yet you continue to keep one foot in front of the other towards a brighter path.

I want you to see that you have more strength in you now more than ever. You should be proud for being able to pick yourself up after a few stumbles and for being brave enough to soldier on to begin anew.

Take a good look at your progress, not the linear and unbending kind, but the progress that comes with being able to acknowledge and value your journey and every lesson it has taught. Other times, your progress can simply look like being okay with where you are and knowing to rest when you get tired.

I want you to know that if you are ever in a difficult space or timeline, it is only just a season, one of many. And as seasons do, they come and go. Cold hard winters eventually turn to beautiful, hopeful springs, the chaos will wane slowly, and your heart will feel calm again.

In the middle of everything that’s coming and going, do realize that you are also learning to be resilient, grow in adversity, and take notice of the small things that inspire you to move forward. So right now, just for a minute or two, I want you to take a pause and appreciate how you are evolving into a better version of YOU.

Close your eyes. Feel your heart. And breathe life in again.

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