Let’s Talk About Reproductive Rights

Photo by Ethan Gregory Dodge on Unsplash

It’s 2022, right?

Okay, I just wanted to make sure, because lately it seems like we are going back in time. It seems like we are going back to centuries ago when women did not have any rights and they had to do what the “law” and white men said.

Abortion is a medical procedure, one that should be kept safe and legal. History has shown us that limiting access to abortion, or banning it all together, does not stop abortions from happening.

Limiting access to abortion hurts women. It kills women.

What a woman does with her body is her choice and her reason for opting to terminate a pregnancy, whatever her reason may be, has nothing at all to do with anyone else. Period.

I’m so, so, SO tired of old, white men telling me and other women what’s moral. I’m tired of their voices being louder than mine and my fellow women when it comes to our reproductive health, our bodies, and our rights.

And I know I’m not alone in this. 

The anti-abortion bills are a war on women, and it is time to fight tooth and nail. We’ve got to fight like hell. We have come so far and still have a long way to go. We as women need to continue moving forward. We cannot go back — that is not an option.

We cannot let abortion rights fade from consciousness as these extreme laws become America’s new normal.

There are ways we can help to fight back against extreme abortion bans across the country.

1. Donate to organizations

Besides nationwide organization like Planned ParenthoodNARAL, and the ACLU, there are many smaller reproductive-rights organizations that provide support to women seeking abortion in their states.

Here are some organizations to donate to:

2. Volunteer as a clinic escort

You can contact your local Planned Parenthood . You can also visit the websites for the National Abortion Federation and Abortion Care Network — both have maps that show you all the abortion-providing clinics in your state so you can contact them to see if any clinics are seeking volunteers.

3. Speak up

If you can’t donate to organizations or volunteer, you can still join the fight by vocally expressing your disagreement on the attacks on women’s abortion rights. We need to continue to talk about this issue — with friends, family, co-workers and fellow members of our communities.

It’s time to stand up and speak up.

We cannot let these lawmakers silence our voices and violate our rights.

Our bodies, our wombs, and what we decide to do with them is OUR choice.

We need to unite and make noise. We need to be heard.

We need to fight for women’s right to choose.

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