Here’s Your Reminder To Just Keep Going

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what makes life worth living. Society has a way of breaking you down, making it easier to focus on the negatives. Causing you to lose sight of your blessings.

But look at your beautiful body, so simple yet so complex. It’s amazing how it functions all on its own, keeping so many systems running smoothly.

Look at all that you’ve overcome. The heartaches, the pain, the feelings of worthlessness. All the times you’ve dug yourself out of that dark hole after hours of trying to keep your crying quiet.

You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. Remember the last time you were down? You’ve grown so much since then. You’ve learned so many new coping mechanisms, and so many personalized methods of calming yourself down.

Didn’t it feel so good once that heavy, dead feeling finally wore off and you remembered what it was like to smile? Not a fake smile, a smile that comes as a reaction instead of on command.

Think of the happiness that has beamed from your soul. The moments that you laughed so hard your eyes teared up. Everything in the world mattered a little less because, at that moment, you loved being alive so much.

Think of a day that your heart was so full, you could feel it bursting with love and emotion and you wanted to hold onto that feeling forever.

It’s impossible to imagine the next moment like this. Something unexpectedly wonderful could happen tomorrow, something that makes your fingers and toes tingle. That will be a reminder to keep going. Let that feeling be something you can look forward to. You know that feeling will be back. It may be a while until you experience it again, but it’ll return.

While you wait for something to happen that’s big enough to remember for a lifetime, work on your gratitude list. There are so many things we overlook. So many things that we use all the time without ever realizing how much easier or better they make our lives. Each night, make it a goal to acknowledge three things that you don’t remember to appreciate every day. Let this help you realize how valuable your existence is.

You have so much life left to live. Now you know how to dig yourself out of that hole. Now you know how strong, capable, and deserving you are of love. In a year, you’ll look back and be so grateful that you pushed through. You’ll have taught yourself another lesson that’ll save you again another day.

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