Right Now, Focus On Caring For Yourself

I want to encourage you in everything you are experiencing right now.

Your feelings or lack thereof matter. Your presence here is special. You have sprinkled the most beautiful and the most sensitive parts of your soul into this world while you carried your bones through storms before. You keep doing it every day—you offer to make coffee for your parents, you bring laughter to the face of someone you love, you call a friend just to hear their voice, and you gather your defeats, moving unwaveringly towards the future.

Right now, you are faced with an opportunity to challenge your circumstances. You get to unpack your dreams one by one. You get to sift through their importance. You get to dance through the mess you created and find solace in being present with yourself, with your slip-ups, with your achievements, and with your tremendous growth. And maybe with tears in your eyes, you get to tuck away some of your most beloved dreams in the back corner of your closet to open at a time that you are completely ready for them.

Maybe right now, what you need is to walk a little more slowly and move your muscles a little more carefully and feed your soul with a little more love. Because at the end of day, what matters isn’t your title, your reputation, or things that are fleeting, but the person who persists within your skeleton. You have to care for that person. You have to care for yourself.

And I wholeheartedly vouch for that person. I vouch for the beautiful soul that you are. So please don’t give up on the sliver of hope that is waiting for you to wrap it tightly within your embrace. Permit your path to change. Don’t settle with the in-betweens. Feel it out every second. Let the hurt wash over every atom that you are, because it is part of all of us, this human restlessness that needs to be accepted in its most raw form. Grace will follow soon after.

And as you unfold in novel silhouettes, please choose to keep your heart unlatched for love. Choose love even when it doesn’t feel like poetry. Especially then. Because it is then that you know how unbelievably resilient you have become. That you recognize that love is grown from within. That is independent of others—that is yours.

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