I can be really socially awkward sometimes. And not the cute kind they show in movies.

Get to know the Writer

Astrid is a twenty-something madness with stardust around her eyes. Born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, she now lives in Tampa, Florida with her older siblings. On her blog, her writing is guided by the concept of unapologetic vulnerability – giving people permission to honor their feelings as they come and to take up space in the world as their authentic selves. Besides drinking too much chocolate milk and daydreaming about traveling the world, you can find Astrid with her nose stuck in a book (as her mother and sisters would say), usually yelling at whatever videogame she is playing, dancing ridiculous awkward while listening to K-pop, obsessing over a show on Netflix, or enjoying the company of her family.

Although Astrid’s thoughts often come out in unorganized spews, being able to write her reflections out on a page always helps put her heart at ease. She hopes that you can find even just a sentence in her writing that speaks to you!

What She Writes About

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