Trust Yourself—You Know What Your Heart Needs

Life can be pretty overwhelming as it is exciting. With the world continuously changing, we feel this need to keep up with how things are going. We worry too much of being left out, of being judged, of not being able to belong. We worry too much about what the world wants for and from us that we lose sight of the things that really matter. We put an impossibly high regard to the norms that we tend to disregard the confidence we should have given to our own selves in the first place.

Don’t lose yourself trying to find your place in this world. At this age, it is easy to compare our own beliefs with the standards that the society has set for us. We try to live up to its expectations of who we should be, how we should act, and of why and when should we accomplish certain things. You’ve got to trust yourself as you navigate your way through life.

Learn to trust yourself more than anything else. We are often blinded by fear and negative emotions caused by the circumstances that didn’t go well in the past. Some even led us to doubt ourselves and the things that we are capable of doing. It pays to be grounded, at times, but wouldn’t life be more meaningful if we will not let the chains of the past keep us from moving forward?

You know what your heart needs. Listen to that little voice inside you. Reach out to your inner child — allow it to step out from the darkest corner of your heart and roam free again. At present, all we need is that child who is never afraid to be vulnerable, to get hurt, and to learn. Life wants us to be strong, not stone-hearted. Listen when your heart speaks, because while it seems reckless and often appears stubborn, it inexplicably knows what you truly need to be happy.

Trust yourself, you know what your heart needs. Sometimes you just need to strip off your inhibitions. Lay down your fears and pride. Quit overthinking and go with what sets your desires on fire. Your mind may not know what you need yet, but your heart certainly knows since the beginning.

And when all else fails,

When life hits you hard,

You gotta trust yourself, harder this time.

There is a reason why amidst all the frustrations and fears, there’s still a flicker of hope pushing you to try just one more time.

It just takes faith and courage to go after what your heart needs.

And your heart knows, without fail, how to get back up and keep beating as long as you keep trying.

You just got to have trust.

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